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  • Bra Shapes and their Benefits

    We know there are many different types of bras, but how do we know which one is right for us? What’s the difference between them all? Do they do different things? Below we have outlined the various styles of bras and what the benefits of each of them are:

    Crop Tops - these can come in many forms. You can wear them as everyday bras or sports bras, and even if you’re easing out of maternity wear. Generally they are wirefree and provide fantastic bust coverage and support. Crops are also made in a range of finishes, including lace, solid, matte, scalloped and marle. They are fantastic alternatives to uncomfortable bra options and they are perfect for wearing while you’re losing or gaining weight.

    Front Closure Bras- these are fantastic options for post-surgery and mastectomy wear. By closing at the front, you can easily and painlessly put them on by applying them the same as you would a jacket and simply close the hook at the front. Front closure bras are also a great option for women with a larger bust.

    Self Supportive Bras - are incredibly versatile. Often they are strapless, backless and low cut, which makes them perfect for special occasion wear. Many self supportive bras feature adhesive to properly stick to the body and ensure the highest amount of comfort and support.

    Sports Bras - have quickly become the active woman’s best friend! Like with all bras, they come in a range of shapes and sizes, but their main goal remains the same; to provide you with immense support and comfort while you’re doing anything from low to medium and high impact activities. You can find them in a range of colours, patterns and prints, and they are also available in nursing options. Various fabrics include properties such as moisture wicking for dryness, compression to ensure you’re held in place, and double layering for extra modesty and support.

    Strapless Bras- are a styling essential. Most strapless bras come with removable straps, meaning this bra will rapidly become a versatile basic that matches with everything. Along with wearing it the same as you would a normal bra, strapless bras can also tie at the back of the neck, cross over at back or be removed completely to fit in with a versatile range of clothing options. Often available with a range of additional garnishes, including long line construction and lace detailing for that extra touch of sexiness and femininity.

    Underwire Bras - are a fantastic option for those with a larger bust size. They often feature soft cups which means you can have a natural look with maximum comfort and minimal padding. Underwire bras usually have a wider hook and eye back, reinforced wings for smoothing properties and wide shoulder straps for extra comfort. They can also be designed as 3 part or 4 part cups for forward projection.

    Wirefree Bras - often found in small cups, but available in a range of sizes, the wirefree bra is beginning to spread its wings and take over as the new favourite everyday bra among a wide range of women. With no wires and minimal padding, these bras provide you with maximum support and minimal irritants. Wirefree bras can either have slightly shaped or moulded cups for added shape under your clothing, or soft cups for a natural look. They are comfortable, supportive and ideal for everyday wear. Once you try one on you’ll never want to go back.

    We hope this quick run down of bra styles has been helpful and has given you some food for thought on what type of bra you might like to try next. These styles and more can be found here at Zodee.

    Happy Shopping!

    The Zodee Team. x

  • Fun Facts About Bras and Breasts

    Fun Facts About Bras and Breasts

    1. The average bra size is now a 14DD. Breasts are growing and increasingly desired to be bigger.
    2. The first sports bra was made from 2 jockstraps in the 1970’s. It’s amazing to think about what a long way we’ve come!
    3. Currently, the world’s most expensive bra is the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra, worth $15 million.
    4. On average, the left breast tends to be bigger.
    5. When they were first invented, the bra was referred to as the ‘brassiere’, which means support.
    6. Bras were first given cup sizes in the 1920’s, at least 6 years after its invention in 1914.
    7. Vogue first printed the word ‘brassiere’ in 1907.
    8. Women threatened to burn their bras because they believed bras were ‘instruments of female torture’, however police enforcements wouldn’t let them.
    9. Prior to the 1920’s, bras were designed to de-emphasize breasts.
    10. The world’s largest breast augmentation is a 38KKK, equivalent to a 16KKK.

    Looking back over a few of these facts, it’s incredible to consider all the advancements that have been made in bra developments. Women are so fortunate to have the freedom to make the choices they want, and have bras that will support them.

    You can have a look at all our wonderful and supportive bras here

    Happy Shopping!

    The Zodee Team. x

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