About Us

Welcome to the New Version of Zodee!

We've got new owners, a new management team and a brand new website!  The fabulous guys and girls at the Floor Five Pty Ltd Group of online stores now operates Zodee with our new website launched 1st September 2017.  We're more than a little bit excited to be heading on this journey to rebuild and shape the Zodee store into your number one place to shop for lingerie, swimwear, shapewear, hosiery and so much more!

Please be gentle...We're new and still rebuilding

Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances with the old owners of the Zodee store, our new team has had to completely rebuild the website practically from scratch.  This process normally takes a year or more but we've managed to get it done in just under two months.  Because of this, we hope you'll enjoy our new website with your 'hard hat' on.  The New Zodee is still a work in progress for us right now and so there may be the occasional link that doesn't work, or a picture looks a bit funny.  Please forgive our blemishes while we keep working on the website.  We also need to re-establish many of our stock ranges and supplier relationships so we are low on stock and range at the moment.  We're working as quickly as we can to rebuild the website fully and restock the warehouse and product range offering.  Please bare with us as this will take time.  Our fabulous customer care team will be overworked and often dealing with products they aren't fully familiar with yet.  But rest assured, we'll go the extra mile to help as best as we can.

20 Years of Zodee

In 2018, Zodee is celebrating being online for 20 years!  You haven't aged a bit we hear you say!  Awww thanks.  But the truth is, we all get older and our tastes and needs can often change.  That is why for 20 years, Zodee has one of the largest ranges of high quality lingerie, swimwear, activewear and other apparel at competitive prices in the online shopping world. We also cater for men, kids and babies with an impressive selection of underwear, swimwear and accessories on offer. We strive to provide convenience to our customers, making it an easy and enjoyable shopping experience from the comfort of your own home, workplace, or in fact anywhere on your mobile device!  We currently stock a vast number of top quality brands from Australia and Internationally, including well-known labels and specialty lines. Online since 1998, we have a wealth of experience in providing world-class customer service to people right around the world.  As new owners, we wanted to be sure about the year Zodee started so we trawled through the archives and discovered that the store actually only started in 1998, not 1997 as the previous owners had thought.  So we've corrected the history books and the information on our website.  Zodee was born in 1998 and that's a fact.

Zodee is a web based company and has no retail outlets. We are dedicated to our online customers providing fast and efficient help and support when it is needed. We carry a large range of products to cater for all shapes, sizes and tastes. Whether you are wanting to shop on your tablet, phone, laptop or home computer, our site is designed solely for our customers shopping experience to be at its best.


Time may change us, but we can't trace time.  If you're a regular shopaholic at Zodee, you might notice some changes in the way we do things.  We've had to evolve and change with the ever-changing landscape of retail and business in Australia and try to provide the best value we can to our customers whilst maintaining a profitable business.  So there are some perks we no longer offer but we're offering a much more robust and reliable shipping service at a reduced cost to our customers and with more options.  We're always looking to improve our offer and service and as we settle in, we'll be working on even more reasons for you to love shopping at Zodee.

The Old Zodee...

We know that some customers have unfortunately had a poor experience with Zodee in recent times before we relaunched the store under our new ownership.  It breaks our heart to know that a small group of customers were affected by unfortunate circumstances with the previous owners of the Zodee store.  If you have any unresolved issues with the previous owners of Zodee (anything prior to 1st September 2017), please get in touch with us via our contact page and we will help you in every way possible.  We're genuine.  We're real.  We're friendly and we're here to help.

xx Zodee