• 15 Dec

    Choosing A Maternity Bra

    For women used to choosing intimate apparel based mainly on luxurious looks, shape and support, the world of maternity underwear can come as something of a shock. Rigid underwires are a thing of the past, as they can reduce milk production and lead to blocked milk ducts. Shimmering fabrics and stitched details are eschewed for natural fibres that are more comfortable over your increasingly sensitive breasts, and often your top priority is simply keeping up with your blooming figure. So how do you navigate this minefield and what should you look for in a good maternity bra?

    Finding The Right Bra

    Most women will find their old bras beginning to feel a little snug towards the end of their first trimester, and in the coming months, they can expect to go up at least two cup sizes and band width measurements. It’s often impractical to get professionally measured throughout your pregnancy, which is one of the reasons that a key feature in any maternity bra is adjustability.  
    Look for at least four rows of back fastenings and, especially for women who are better endowed, for wide back and shoulder straps with a deep band at the front. Firmer, elastic straps will, counter-intuitively, reduce bounce and a deep front band will help to maintain some shape even with the absence of underwires.

    Design Details

    Breasts become more sensitive during pregnancy, so it’s worth being choosy about the fabric used. You will need fuller cups with more material, and it’s best to opt for bras that are chiefly made from cotton, especially on the cups; these are better for helping your body to regulate its temperature, and they let the skin breathe.

    The same fitting rules apply as with non-maternity bras. Make sure the cups fit smoothly with neither overflow at the top nor too much breast exposed. The centre band should fit as flatly as possible over your breastbone. If you are shopping at the start of your pregnancy, make sure the bra fastens comfortably on the first set of hooks to leave room for expansion. If you are buying late in your pregnancy, consider a maternity and nursing bra that fits comfortably on the last row of hooks, as your ribcage will shrink after you give birth.

    Clever Choices

    If all of that sounds less than appealing, taking a look at Zodee’s great selection of pregnancy and nursing bras might surprise you. Top brands like Hotmilk and Elle Macpherson Intimates have worked hard to create maternity bras that are not only incredibly comfortable, but look beautiful too. There’s also a growing selection of specialist maternity bras, including maternity sports bras and sleep bras.

    While traditional underwires are problematic during pregnancy and nursing, lingerie designers are coming up with styles that incorporate new flexible wires for additional support, which is fantastic if you have a larger bust. Sizing used to be more of a problem with maternity bras, but today, some brands go up to a J cup and an 18 band size.

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  • 09 Jul

    Warm Up in Opaques! Your Hosiery Guide

    Opaque Hosiery

    Winter is officially here & it's time to start warming up those legs in fashionable opaque hosiery! Whether you are looking for knee-high's, tights, stockings, at Zodee, we will always have a fantastic range of opaque options to suit your style & comfort. 


    Are you looking for a darker hosiery option but don't want to go full opaque? Check out the below options:


    Want something with more coverage & warmth? Go for a high denier rating such as below:


    If you are looking for specific types of Opaque Hosiery, we can also help out there. Check out the following categories for some must-haves for Winter:

    • Knee-Highs: great for under work pants or jeans to keep those legs warm

    • Tights: whether they are footless for casual wear or full tights for wearing under dresses, these are a fashionable addition to any Winter wardrobe

    • Maternity: keep your bump supported & warm at the same time, a must-have for any expecting mum

    • Stockings: great everyday essentials for keeping warm or providing coverage


    Just want to check out our best sellers? You can shop these here!


    Need more help? Check out out Hosiery Buying Guide! Full of helpful handy hints to get longevity out of your hosiery & helpful product descriptions.


    Happy Shopping!

    Zodee. x

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  • 12 Nov

    ALL NEW: Miraclesuit Swimwear Summer 2013

    Miraclesuit Swimwear

    Miraclesuit is our best selling shaping swimwear brand and we can't wait to share these new season arrivals with you. Miraclesuit is so popular because of it's shaping abilities and power mesh lining that smooths, contours and pulls in those unwanted lumps and bumps. Miraclesuit swimsuits are slimming and figure flattering for those with curves and are designed to accentuate and flatter those parts of your body that you want highlighted. 


    With all shaping swimsuits, make sure you are looking for the following features:

    ♥ Power Mesh Lining

    ♥ Front or Side Ruching

    ♥ Contrast coloured side panels for a slimming effect

    ♥ Wrap designs across your mid-section

    ♥ Swim Dresses with Built in Pants


    Below are our top picks for the season from Miraclesuit:

    Miraclesuit Swimwear


    Shop the full Miraclesuit Swimwear range here. 

    Happy Holidaying!

    Zodee. x

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