• 22 Jan

    Just the Kids Clothes You’ve Been Looking For

    Finding good quality, well designed and interesting children’s clothes that offer an alternative to the tyranny of pink for girls and blue for boys can be surprisingly challenging. Australia fares better than most in having big-name brands that champion bold colours, fun patterns and high-quality materials. Separating out their boy and girl ranges under the labels Funky Trunks and Funkita, The Way Funky Company offers a great choice of bright and beautiful swimwear and underwear for every child.

    As well as the swimwear, underwear and hosiery that you’d expect, Zodee stocks an ever-growing range of baby clothes. Our outerwear range includes clothes by Australia’s favourite brands, including Bebe by Minihaha, Marquise, and Fox and Finch. Save yourself the trouble of traipsing around the shops with a buggy or tantrumming toddler in tow and buy all you need online, with the peace of mind of Zodee’s fair returns policy.


    During the great Australian summer, it can seem that kids are barely out of their swimmers. With brands like Funkita and Funky Trunks, Sandy Feet and Escargot, you can make sure they are easy to spot on the beach, feel comfortable and have great-quality chlorine resistant swimwear to hand.

    To keep them protected on the beach, Zodee stocks a great choice of UV-protective rashies, sun hats and sun tops so you can slip, slap, slop in style. Rival, Bond-Eye, Platypus Australia, Wave Rat, Escargot and Alfie and Nina all make brilliant protective rashies and swimsuits for children of all ages.

    With UV protection of SPF50+, all these items make it easier to relax in the sun with your little ones and know they are well protected while making the most of the summer sun. Even your littlest ones needn’t miss out with our range of swim nappies from Speedo and swimsuits available from 0-6 months and up.


    While regularly updating your kids’ underwear is a necessary chore of parenthood, it needn’t mean a dull drudge around town to find the perfect prints or bland basics in your child’s size. Zodee has a great selection of well made underwear, including singlets, briefs and two-pieces, all designed with comfort and fun in mind.

    For babies and toddlers, we have bodysinglets and studsuits in great-value multipacks, plus cute baby bloomers that are great for disguising bulky cloth nappies or providing an extra layer of protection for babies on the move.


    It might seem a long time until winter returns once more, but having a selection of warm and cosy tights at hand can help make their summer wardrobe last a little longer before the cooler weather arrives. Bright summer skirts and shorts can see your daughter through autumn with a pair of comfortable and fun tights to create an extra layer of warmth. For babies or toddlers, you might want to protect from the sun, we love Red Robin’s cute and lightweight but warm tights.

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  • 19 Jan

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Cotton

    Cotton is a popular option for Zodee customers looking for comfort and natural fabrics, often high priorities when seeking out intimate apparel, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of cotton, the world’s most popular textile?


    Few man-made materials can compete with cotton for softness. This natural fibre feels wonderfully smooth and soft, which is one reason why it’s so popular for both underwear and baby clothes. With the expensive exception of silk, few things feel better next to the skin, so cotton is always among the most comfortable fabrics to wear. 

    Unlike manmade fibres, it does not build up a static charge over time. It’s a naturally renewable material, when grown and harvested sustainably, and so ubiquitous as to be very affordable. In fact, it accounts for around 50% of the fibre used to manufacture textiles worldwide.

    Environmental Impact

    It’s soft, comfortable and natural, so how can cotton have a downside? Well, from an ecological point of view, the process of growing, cleaning and spinning cotton can be highly industrial and often involves the use of large quantities of water and chemicals. This is particularly problematic in drought-prone areas such as India and Egypt, both major cotton exporters. If you are concerned about the environmental sustainability of the fabrics you buy and wear, look for fair-trade and organic cotton.

    Water Absorption

    Water penetrates to the centre of pure cotton fibres, making it easy to remove dirt, and unlike polyester fibres and delicate natural materials like wool and silk, it can be washed at high temperatures, enabling you to tackle stains and remove bacteria from your intimate apparel.

    Pure cotton also holds water well, so while it does a great job of enabling your body to keep cool when active, it will hold on to sweat or moisture, making the fabric heavier. Obviously, it’s also unsuitable for swimwear. This natural tendency to absorb liquid is also what makes cotton prone to shrinking. Pure cotton fibres shorten in the wash, so it’s important when making your purchase to be sure the item fits with enough spare room to allow for 10% shrinkage.

    While cotton underwear has the distinct advantage of washing well at high temperatures, making it possible to hygienically remove bacteria, it is prone to wrinkles. This might not be a problem for briefs, bras or socks but larger items, such as singlets, may benefit from ironing.


    As cotton is a hydrocarbon, it is naturally highly flammable. Many manufacturers will therefore use specialist flame retardant chemicals during processing to make it less flammable. This is unlikely to be a major issue when buying underwear or maternity wear, but for children’s nightwear, it may be something to bear in mind.

    If you line-dry your intimate apparel or store it in locations that are prone to damp, it’s also worth considering the fact that cotton can be slow to dry, is easily faded by sunlight and can even develop mildew.

    However, all and all, cotton is a fantastic material for most types of clothing, and it’s very popular with our customers.

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  • 13 Jan

    Colourful, Stylish Plus Sized Swimwear

    Finding great looking swimwear can be a serious challenge whatever your size, but for plus-sized women, the process of picking the perfect one-piece, bikini, tankini or swim dress can be especially fraught. Swimwear that is cut to highlight, not hide, your curves, bold colours rather than boring and basic black and items that follow the latest trends can all be in very short supply at brick and mortar retailers, and then there’s the torment of cramped changing rooms.

    Buying plus-size swimwear online in Australia not only gives you a wealth of choice, but whatever you buy from Zodee can be tried on in comfort at home before being returned if it’s not what you were looking for. Zodee stocks a comprehensive range of designer plus-sized swimwear to suit every figure and budget, so you can browse at home and choose something that you really love and that works well for your shape.

    Curvy Kate

    Zodee’s Curvy Kate swimwear is imported from Great Britain and offers a choice of cute swimwear separates designed to flatter and flaunt a curvy figure. Their bikini tops come in a wide range of fuller cup sizes, from a D to a K, while you can opt for matching or contrasting bikini bottoms in sizes 8 to 22. Whether you need to accommodate a larger chest or you want to tailor a bikini or tankini to suit a pear-shaped or hourglass figure, Curvy Kate will have just what you’re looking for.

    Curvy Kate has been making lingerie and swimwear since 2009, with the focus on a youthful attitude, fabulous fit and original designs. Their bold and bright floral prints with ruffle details, retro star-print fabric and bold colours all scream summer fun.


    Capriosca is one of our most popular plus-sized swimwear brands. They offer a more traditional swimwear range, including swim dresses, with great quality fit and a variety of colours and styles. Available in sizes 10 to 26, there is sure to be a Capriosca swimsuit you will fall in love with.

    Capriosca uses a choice of chlorine-resistant fabrics for serious swimmers, and their design team has developed styles with the fuller figure in mind. Wide straps for comfort and security, flattering centre panels and rollover bottoms all help to ensure that your swimwear feels as good as it looks. Unlike many other swimwear ranges, Capriosca offers wet shirts and swim dresses as well as traditional one-pieces, bikinis and tankinis.


    Australian swimwear favourite Funkita makes vibrant and bold swimwear pieces for women sized 10 to 22. With styles that are sporty and glamorous, you can take your choice of traditional one pieces in chlorine resistant black or Funkita’s trademark prints in styles that feature zip-front and ruche detailing.

    Zodee’s unbeatable selection of plus-sized swimwear also includes favourite lingerie bands such as Freya, Miraclesuit, Robyn Lawley and Nancy Ganz. What are you waiting for? Revamp your swimwear before summer is out and feel beautiful at the beach.

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  • 10 Jan

    Have You Seen Our Silk Nighties?

    Silk has long been synonymous with luxury lingerie. While cotton has rightly become the go-to fabric for everyday intimate apparel and modern manmade fibres are essential for good-quality shapewear and swimwear, there is still nothing more cool, glamorous or comfortable than real silk.

    What Makes Silk So Special?

    The word for silk has its origins, like the material, in ancient China. The thread from the cocoons of silkworms has been utilised by man for at least 7,000 years. Its production in China and India and the desire for this luxury fabric in the West meant the creation of the world’s oldest and most famous trading route; the silk road, where money and goods from the West were exchanged for precious silks and dyes from the East.

    Sericulture, the industrialised production of silk, was a closely guarded secret in ancient China and India, but the technique was learnt and the mulberry trees and silkworms imported to Europe from 550 onwards. Italy became the centre of European sericulture, and to this day some of the most sought-after high-quality silks are still produced in Italian mills.

    Silk Nightwear At Zodee

    Ginia Australia makes gloriously indulgent silk intimates that flow and drape beautifully and come in a great choice of styles and sizes. From beautifully embroidered full-length nighties to singlet chemises or camisoles, their high-quality silk feels amazing next to the skin and reduces friction on cotton sheets and bedding, so your nightwear is less prone to wrinkling and clumping up while you sleep. Ginia has been producing elegant, feminine and sophisticated nightwear and intimate apparel since 1969 and has become a beloved brand for those who appreciate high quality fabrics, attention to detail, clever cuts and beautiful materials.

    Accessorise Ginia’s gorgeous silk nighties with indulgent silk wraps, dressing gowns or pyjamas. Perfect for cooler winter nights, this extra layer of silk offers you more coverage and the long and short length options mean you can find the perfect fit for you. A plain silk camisole combined with soft silk French knickers is perfect for sleeping in on hot summer nights.

    Silk Intimate Apparel

    Take that feeling of cool comfort and luxury through to your daytime attire with Ginia’s range of silk intimates. A silk chemise or singlet is a fantastic way to reduce dresses and skirts sticking to your lower body and creates a smooth line. An extra layer under clothing can also reduce the see-through effect that sometimes occurs with lighter shades or fine fabrics, giving you a more put-together look without adding bulk and weight.

    Silk chemises can still, of course, also be worn as nightwear separates, and Ginia offers round and v-neck silk chemises in crème, smoke and pearl colours with pretty embroidered detailing on the hem.

    Whichever silk items you choose from our range, enjoy the peace of mind of Zodee’s free returns policy to try different sizes, cuts and lengths so you can find your perfect silk nightie.

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  • 05 Jan

    Fun With Funky Trunks

    Zodee is keen to give its customers more information about the great brands it offers for sale. In the first of a regular series of blogs on the companies behind your favourite swimwear, lingerie and clothing, Zodee would like to introduce you to Funky Trunks, a company that has been putting fun into men’s swimwear for more than a decade.

    Funky Trunks

    Funky Trunks were first developed by The Way Funky Company in spring, 2002. Their launch was typically low key, at a suburban pool in Melbourne, and the retro-style full trunks in bold and beautiful colours were at first greeted with bemused amusement and a healthy dollop of Aussie sarcasm. That said, it didn’t take long for people to realise that Funky Trunks were pioneers, offering keen swimmers an alternative to skimpy briefs without compromising on speed or design. 

    Funky trunks were quickly adopted by competitive swimmers at the state level, then national, and then the Olympic team, but the most important customers in many ways are you; the ordinary dads and dudes of Australia who want reliable, great-quality swimwear that doesn’t leave them feeling exposed the second they leave the water.

    Behind The Brand

    Vibrant and original, Funky Trunks are one of those sleeper brands that seem to have found their way into Australian hearts without even trying. Their refreshingly minimalist advertising approach means you won’t find Funky Trunks posters and adverts everywhere you go, rather they want customers to work out what they need and find Funky Trunks ready and waiting for them.

    The company recently established the One Funky World Foundation, which is a charity focused on improving community services both in Australia and overseas. Their current main area of operation is based on empowering individuals living with a disability. The Way Funky Company is still based in suburban Melbourne.

    Difference In The Design

    Quality and design are at the heart of the Funky Trunks philosophy. All their swimwear is made from specialist Italian fabrics, and the range is constantly updated with new designs, prints and colours. Zodee stocks the biggest selection of Funky Trunks swimwear online in Australia, including briefs and trunks, performance wear, board shorts and rashies. The Funky Trunks range comes with options for toddlers, teenagers and adults and in sizes from XS to 4XL.

    Women don’t miss out either. Funky Trunks created a women’s swimwear label, Funkita,

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